Mia 2

Mia Wilkinson

get to know me

I am a true believer of inclusion of exercise for all - all sizes, abilities and so on. I have a strong passion for female health and fitness. I believe it time to end some of the stigmas around female fitness and gain knowledge and understanding of your own body - to see, feel change and gain not only strength but acceptance within your own body and capabilities. My training style is disciplined and challenging but achievable for the individual I train. Form and function are of a high focal point in my sessions. I originally became a PT after art school when I moved to London almost a decade ago. I used exercise as a way to control the mentality that being a creative can build up and to focus my mind and energies in to a more clear path. I did dancing, martial arts and swimming recreationally as a child and started to really get in to boxing in my mid twenties.

my classes

Sweatbox, Boxing Skills & Strengthbox

my music style

Hip hop (oldskool), grime, disco and some Foo Fighters!

why take my class

Knowledge is power, I like to teach and help the body progress for your specific body mechanics and lifestyle. Fitness and skill learning must be enjoyable, effective, engaging with the most achievable challenges put into programming so that you can see your progression for mental and physical success.