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Rachael Penrose

get to know me

Aussie girl, thunder from down under, queen bogan, nomad, task master, army sargeant… A few names I have been given over time! I love new experiences, meeting new people, and get a kick out of seeing people succeed. When it comes to my training style, I want to bring out the best in you. Challenge and diminish any doubts you may have about yourself. Leave you at the end of class gassed but full of endorphins, smiling and excited to come back ASAP.

My classes


my music style

You will hear a lot of summer house vibes, so get ready to feel like you are at a beach club in Europe. Although I like to keep it interesting and will drop in some other genres here and there. I am a rock and roll girl at heart!

why take my class

I will push you to lengths you never imagined you could get to, but of course we will have an absolute blast while getting there. I am a stickler for technique and will make sure that you are correctly performing every move I throw your way, Firstly to help you learn for any other classes you attend and create that mind body connection, and secondly because no one likes an injury so lets get you moving correctly.