Beth Willars

Strength & Conditioning Coach


About Me

Hey I’m Beth, I’m a professional dancer and fitness trainer who is in love with my job. I’m super competitive. Friends mean a lot to me. And I am always up for a chat over coffee.

Proudest Achievement

Getting a scholarship to attend one of the top London Musical Theatre colleges/universities.

Favourite Exercise

Chest to floor burpee

Least Favourite Exercise

Jump lunges

What style of music do you use in class?

House/RnB, but my music changes depending on the type of session.

Describe your class in 3 words

Full out control

Cheat Meal

Anything to do with pancakes

One thing you can't live without

My eye mask

Two things people don't know about me

I can play 5 musical instruments and have been on tours with orchestras.

I use to work at Disney as one of the iconic characters.

Come and train with me because...

I love what I do and you will too. It’ll hurt but you’ll love it. It’s important to listen to your body and I'll tailor it to your needs.

Ready to Sweat?