Danni Berg

Versa Coach


About Me

As a trained dancer and fitness hype fanatic, you can find our very own Duracell bunny Danni bouncing around on the Versa! Her passion for high energy fitness and music has brought her to Versa climbing.

Proudest Achievement

Dancing on a cruise over the Mediterranean.

Favourite Exercise

I do love a good burpee!

Least Favourite Exercise

I hate training legs - the DOMs - agh!

Music Style

High energy pop, house remixes and big old school dance tunes.

My class in 3 words

High energy, fun, focused!

Cheat Meal

Anything with peanut butter

One thing I can't live without


Two things people don't know about me...

I'm a trained professional dancer and I can't ride a bike!

Come and train with me because...

Leave the room feeling uplifted working up a sweat after pushing your boundaries, high energy and start of finish your day feeling good!

Ready to Sweat?