Freddie Barker

S&C Coach


About me

I've been passionate about Sport my whole life, so the fact that I'm fortunate enough to do something I not only love but truly believe in, is more than I can ask for. Training clients the right way and making the body as functional as humanly possible is the goal.

Proudest Achievement

Signing Professional Footballing contract at Olympiacos.

Favourite Exercise

American Kettlebell Swing.

Least Favourite


Music style

Hardcore Techno.

Class in three words

Bad Mother F**ker.

Cheat meal

Chicken Gyros!

One thing you can live without

The Office US tv series.

2 things people don't know about you

I am a jiu jitsu competitor and I do ballet twice a month.

Come and train with me because...

Because not only will I help you build up your strength and fitness but you will build character in my classes and in PT, I will push you to find that extra yard, flourish in that final minute and show you have deep you can really dig.

Ready to Sweat?