Heather Driver

Yoga Instructor


What is your background / story?

Dancer / Model.

What is your proudest achievement?

David Beckham asking me to be his yoga teacher at BXR.

What’s your favourite / least favourite exercise?

I’m addicted to yoga, particularly partial to a headstand. Something about turning yourself upside down feels v liberating.

I can’t run as I have a real-life allergy (no one believes me) but I have sneezing fits, my face swells & I get so wheezy! True story.

What’s your music style in class?

Chilled w a little pump up for the abs section.

Describe your class in three words

Time for reflection.

What’s your cheat meal?

Mildred’s have this ‘chicken’ which is divineeeee, being vegan, I try to stay away from fake meats but this is a must try even for meat eaters!

One thing you can’t live without


2 things people don’t know about you

My left ear pokes out way more than the right.

I’m a foot model.

Come and train with me because...

It might just change your whole perception of yoga...

Ready to Sweat?