James Pisano

S&C & Versa Coach


My Background...

10 years of fitness from the ground up...

Starting as a gym instructor then moving into Personal Training. Working with Osteo and Physiotherapists on Post rehab work plus introducing people to the Health and Fitness world through studio and group-based training applications. Developing and consulting on projects bringing gyms to life, building their Fitness applications and designing the workouts and ethos behind the brands. Constantly challenging myself with new forms of methods and evolving science to ensure the modules and exercises are always the right one for the job. I’ve Raced bike on tracks and down-hill plus raced triathlons over the years and have definitely put what I learned into practice.

Favourite exercise

I personally don’t have a favourite exercise as there is no ‘one’ thing I practice. I vary my workouts and I focus on weaknesses and detail to create balance.

Music style

My music is big, loud and with purpose. I like energy and a good tempo. Fun and uplifting to carry the class should they need a little more that my voice to get them through it.

Describe your class in 3 words

Tough, Focused and Necessary.

Cheat meal

No cheat meals – Eat as clean as you can as much as you can...

One thing you can’t live without

My dog.

2 things people don’t know about you

I’m afraid people don’t know these things because they’re secret.

Come and train with me because...

Because all I want to do is see you succeed – and I have the tools and experience to get you there…

Ready to Sweat?