Kat Morgan

Boxing Coach


About me

Over 10 years experience in the industry; with experience in coaching MMA fighters, bodybuilders/physique models and competitive swimmers. As well as managing huge companies, creating businesses and developing fitness products; across London and South Africa. Kat currently focuses her time on SweatBOX, coaching for Chelsea and Westminster Swimming Club and Personal Training a range of clients across the city from rehabilitating injuries to sport specific performance training (her specialists and qualifications lie in rehab, pre/post natal, strength and conditioning, nutrition and biomechanics). She keeps her finger on the pulse of the industry, working in innovation for an international platform, at the heart of health and fitness in 2019.

Proudest Achievement

My daughter! Work wise - being published in printed magazines and online by MSN.com with a regular health and fitness column in 2013.

Favourite exercise


Least favourite exercise


Music Style


Class in 3 words


Cheat Meal


One thing I can’t live without

Unfortunately, my phone.

2 things people don’t know

I’m the only vegetarian in my family, I decided myself as a child.

I moved to London on my own at 20, I’m actually from the South Coast.

Come and train with me because...

I’m passionate about what I do, I believe in knowledge as well as good vibes. I focus on real training, with real results, all while having real fun. Cheesy but true!

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