Marc Hatvani

Yoga Instructor


What is your background/ story?

Professional footballer into everything extreme, personal training, jumping out of planes, mountaineering – pushing my body to the limits through all different aspects.

What is your proudest achievement?

Playing for the Australian national team in Football.

What’s your favourite / least favourite exercise?

Least – anything legs.

Fav – curls get the girls (bicep curls).

What’s your music style in class?

Anything that makes your soul dance.

Describe your class in three words

Challenging, inspiring, love to hate.

What’s your naughty cheat meal?

Blueberry pancakes.

One thing you can’t live without


2 things people don’t know about you

50% deaf.

Live off adrenaline.

Come and train with me because...

I’ll change your world bitches. Namaste.

Ready to Sweat?