Olu Adepitan

S&C Coach


About me

Just your boy next door that loves health and fitness, family and friends. I have big dreams, and will chase them until I achieve them.

Proudest achievement

My BSc and MSc, plus creating a limited company.

Favourite exercise Least favourite exercise

Favourite Deadlift least the assault bike.

What’s your music style in class?

Anything from house or Garage to hip hop, and grime, and definitely some old skool jams.

Describe your class in 3 words

Vibrant, Strong, Intelligent.

Cheat Meal

Jollof Rice, fried plantain, jerk chicken, and a side salad!!!!!

One thing you can’t live without

Family and Friends.

2 things people don’t know about you

My family and friends call me the black David Attenborough.

I used produced music on my computer software.

Come and train with me because...

Because I make an evidenced based scientific approach exciting.

Ready to Sweat?