Bethan Pearce

Get to know me

A self-proclaimed health and wellness geek. After a natural transition into the fitness industry with a background as a professional dancer I have been coaching all around London.

During the pandemic I studied vegan nutrition, and coached ‘face fitness’ online to people all over the world. I have been training myself for years and am constantly striving to learn more about the functions of the body.

My classes

My sessions are all about endorphin boosting! With a passionate & high energy instructing style I hope to have you smiling as you sweat. My aim is to help build confidence, build strength & push yourself to reach your goals, whatever your level or ability.

My music style

oldies, goldies, house, RnB, commercial pop (singing along is encouraged).

Why take my class?

To walk out feeling accomplished, challenged and confident. If you're ready to spend 45 minutes solely working on your self, getting stronger both physically & mentally in a welcoming & encouraging environment then this class is for you. Leave gymtimidation at the door.