Marwan Albanna

Get to know me

I am a versatile athlete who participates in various competitions and activities such as Ironmans, Muay Thai, boxing, CrossFit, and running. I prioritize safety and technique, as I believe it is essential for everyone to move in a secure manner before pushing themselves to the limit. Moreover, I emphasize the importance of enjoyment and a light-hearted atmosphere during training sessions.

My classes

I specialize in instructing various forms of strength training, conditioning, and boxing. I ensure that the training program I follow personally is the same one I provide to all my clients, while also offering modifications and regressions to accommodate their individual skill levels. My goal is not only to elevate your heart rate but also to ensure that you leave my class having learned something new or made noticeable improvements.

My Music

I always select music that suits the specific format of the workout I design. For high-intensity exercises, such as cardio or fast-paced routines, I typically choose drum and bass or house music. When it comes to strength training, my music selection leans towards hip hop, R&B, pop, and house genres. The key criterion for my music choices is the beats per minute (BPM), which I carefully consider to align with the pace and intensity of my classes.

Why my classes?

I believe every athlete, or a fitness enthusiast has their own goals and reasons to doing classes. I make sure I get used to my regular clients and let them know what to work on, and also focus on new clients with their technique, at the same time make sure everyone is having fun and getting their workout high.