3 Versaclimbing classes for £30

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3 for £30

Find your feet at our undisputed Versaclimbing classes - Climb to the Beat!

Sweat by BXR has developed the most effective calorie-burning cardiovascular group training sessions in the world. The Versaclimber is a unique machine that mimics the natural motion of climbing and allows for a full-body cardio workout. This machine burns more calories per minute than any other– up to 800 calories in a 45-minute session – whilst strengthening muscles. Unlike treadmill or spin classes, this workout is both low-impact and full-body, minimising unnecessary stress or trauma to your

  • Only valid for Versaclimbing classes (Climb to the Beat)
  • 1 month expiration from date of purchase
  • Pack cannot be shared
  • 1 time purchase only
  • Valid to use through all locations

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