Adil Zulkahari

Boxing & S&C Coach


About Me

I became a PT in 2014. At the beginning of COVID I decided to better my learning and did my Level 4 strength and conditioning qualification. I also took a diploma in nutrition. I love martial arts and do Muay Thai and BJJ as a hobby!

Proudest Achievement

Still working on it, but probably completing my Level 4!

Favourite Exercise

Either pull ups or muscle ups on the ring.

Least Favourite Exercise

Definitely Bulgarian split squats, although they are a MUST in my training

Music style in class

Hip Hop / R&B

Describe your class in 3 words

Challenging/consistent/no nonsense

Cheat Meal

Not sure about a singular meal, but I have a weakness for pastries and chips

One thing I can't live without

My headphones

2 things people might not know about me

I am half Malay half British (no one can ever guess where I’m from).

I have two spaniels that I love dearly

Come and train with me because...

You are guaranteed to SWEAT!

Ready to Sweat?