Carli Wheatley

Versa Coach


About me

I’m all about enjoying the journey, finding ways to exercise that helps motivate, stimulate and most importantly make you feel f**king fantastic everything I do is for the body and mind getting you stronger for gym & in day to day life.

Proudest achievement

Learning how to mind my own business and be happy.

Favourite exercise

Well my nickname is CARDIO CARLI 😅!

Least favourite


Music style

I make music to fit the workout and theme of the program I’m teaching, but I love a mix of trance, r&b, hip hop & garage.

My class should be

Inspirational, energising and sweaty.

Cheat meal

every day I have something sweet ;-)

What I can’t live without

Happiness, love and being able to be creative oh & coffee (but I could really as habits are easy to change).

What don’t you know about me?

I’m quite introverted and shy outside of teaching/ gym. & I used to be Essex number 1 indoor tennis champion.

Come and train with me because...

You should be training for yourself I hope that as your guide on the journey I make it that bit easier for you to have weekly or monthly progressions and breakthroughs, your life will change when regular exercise becomes apart of you, and it’s my pleasure to be apart of that. I will always be there happy, energised and ready to sweat because I love what I can do and do do in my workout space.

Ready to Sweat?