Indija Anderson

Boxing Coach


About me

Martial art and dance enthusiast. I’m a professionally trained dancer, having moved over from Australia in 2011 to pursue the industry. Found my love for health and fitness when I arrived in London.

Proudest achievement

Won 5 x bronze at the ITF Taekwon-do World championships in NZ, and was no.1 junior female 3rd degree blackbelt within Australia.

Favourite exercise

Burpees of course.

Least favourite exercise

Man climbers.

Music in class

Disco house.

3 words description for class

Tough, fun, friendly.

Cheat meal

Cookie dough.

One thing you can’t live without

The ability the move (aka dance.

2 things people don’t know

I aspire to be a stuntwoman one day, I share my birthday with my dad who also was the doctor who delivered me.

Come and train with me because...

Because I don’t just look at the physical benefits of fitness I truly love seeing people leave may class feeling more confident, energised and genuinely happy. This is why I love what I do ^_^.