ramon perez

get to know me

Latin American born with Cuban / Panamanian heritage, Ramon Perez, (a.k.a The Lion) is an active profession boxer with a 3-1 record. With over 20+ years experience in combat sports that ranges from Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, BJJ and MMA. Ramon has achieved the prestigious “Haringey International Gold Medal” along with an amateur record of 32-1, while also going 84-8 record in freestyle wrestling.

my class

12:30pm - Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

my music style

Trap, House, Reggaeton & Hip-Hop

why take my class

I do not do it for a pay check. My goal is when you come to see THE LION you are better in at least one way by the time you leave. If you are looking to reach your fitness Potential I am the Trainer/Coach for the job. Are you ready for the Lions Challenge?