Leagha McMahon

VersaClimbing Coach


About Me

I recently moved home to England after over 10 years in Asia. I worked at Kuala Lumpur’s premier boutique gym, teaching Versa, my favourite class, as well as other fitness classes & PT. I’m a tropical mixed race island girl who doesn’t like the cold! I had to move back to be with the love of my life though. I have two step-daughters & a female cat named Luke.

Proudest Achievement

So far, my beauty salon, The London Orchid, which I owned & operated for 10 years in KL Malaysia.

Favourite Exercise

VersaClimbing of course!

Least Favourite Exercise

Burpees, eurgh.

Music Style

Bass-y, tech-y & urban; I also like Britney, Zero 7 & Metallica but I don’t play that in class!

3 words to describe your class

Hard yet joyous

Cheat Meal

Ben & Jerry’s ’Save our Swirled’ vegan ice cream, like the whole tub in one sitting.

2 things you might not know about me

I’m one of those crazy plant ladies, big fan of orchids. I love Muay Thai & still have dreams of having a fight one day.

Come and train with me because...

You’ll feel how much I love the Climb & that will make it even better for you.

Ready to Sweat?